Prepurchase Exams

A horse is a very big investment, no matter the purchase price.

A prepurchase exam is a valuable tool which can help guide your decision making on the purchase of a horse. In addition to a detailed physical and performance examination, bloodwork, digital radiography, digital ultrasound and video endoscopy are available to better understand the horse you would like to purchase. If you are interested in a horse but live out of the area, the evaluation and images can be sent electronically to your veterinarian if desired. To make an appointment for a prepurchase exam call Trachtenberg Veterinary Associates: 585-749-9572.

In order to help us perform a thorough Prepurchase a good history is very important.

  • Please click here to get a history form. If possible, please fill in as much as possible in advance and e mail back to us.
  • Find out in advance if the medical records can be released by the current owner.

We look forward to helping you find the horse of your dreams.