Performance Horse Evaluations

Performance horses work hard. They often work through subtle issues without lowering their performance, but oftentimes they may have subtle issues that prevent your partner from reaching their fullest potential. A performance horse evaluation can help identify these issues, making your horse more comfortable and more competitive.

A performance horse evaluation typically includes

  • Evaluation of your horse, including lunge line and under saddle. If needed, evaluation over fences/ performing movements etc.
  • Hoof evaluation                 
  • Dental evaluation                                                                            
  • Saddle fit, bridle fit                                                                         
  • Nutritional consult


Optional evaluations include:

  • Acupuncture evaluation
  • Chiropractic evaluation
  • Lab work to assess muscle function

To schedule an evaluation call:         
Trachtenberg Veterinary Associates: 585-749-9572