Diagnostic Equipment

Digital Ultrasound
Trachtenberg Veterinary Associates uses a state of the art mobile Ultrasound unit manufactured by General Electric, one of the leading medical imaging companies. The ultrasound has the capability to digitally capture high quality  images of the following:

  • Tendons and ligaments
  • Joints, including the neck facets, hip and sacroiliac
  • Reproductive tract, including fetal echo
  • Abdomen and Thorax with doppler capability
  • Masses

Digital Radiology
TVA uses the EKLIN Digital  Radiography system. The advantage of digital is not only having high quality imaging but we also can take images while working with a farrier, and to assess the severity of a serious lameness on site. The system produces high quality digital images of the following structures

  • Lower joints
  • Upper joints (stifle, elbow, shoulder)
  • Neck
  • Thorax
  • Neonatal abdomen

Video Endoscopy
TVA has a 2.5M Olympic endoscope. Originally made for in hospital use, it has been made portable and is available for imaging structures deeper in the body. The length of our scope makes it possible to view the stomach and evaluate for gastric ulcers in all but the largest horses.The video capability allows us to view on a large screen and capture the images for future use and referral. Areas and issues we commonly scoped for include:

  • Throat including roarer evaluation
  • Lower respiratory, including BAL (allergy) evaluation
  • Chronic choke evaluation
  • Gastric ulcer evaluation
  • Bladder and uterine evaluation